Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Captain's Nephew IPA

Last week I ordered 9 lbs of hops, so you know what that means - IPA time! My friend Steve will be brewing this with me, his first homebrew experience. He also happens to be the nephew of a teacher I had who we all called "Captain", hence the name. Recipe is as follows:

12lb (83%) 2-row
1lb (7%) Munich Malt
0.75lb (5%) Crystal 10L
0.75lb (5%) Crystal 40L
Mash @151F for 60min

1oz Nugget @60min
1oz Cascade @15min
1oz Willamette @10min
1oz Centennial @10min
1oz Amarillo @5min
1oz Simcoe @0min
Dry hop 1oz Simcoe and 1oz Cascade for 1 week

SafAle US-05
1tsp each of Gypsum, Irish Moss

OG: 1.075
IBU: 69
Approx ABV: 7.3

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